TJC Team

Tai Ji Circle team

Liu Quanjun (Executive Director & Senior Instructor of Tai Ji Circle), has studied traditional Chinese martial arts, tai ji quan (tai chi chuan), gong fu (kung fu) and qi gong (chi kung) since childhood, and began teaching in China in 1991.  He has been teaching in London since 2002. While in China he extensively studied Chen Taijiquan (as therapy, martial arts, philosophy), underwent intense Hard Qi Gong training, Shaolin Gong fu and qi gong before his studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, qualifying as a TCM doctor. He taught martial arts in schools and ran a TCM clinic, specialising in Dian Xue Tui Na, Chinese massage therapy, as well as teaching tai ji to the elderly. He won medals for Chen Taijiquan and Sanda (freeform gong fu) in national competitions and was a national competition tai ji judge in several provinces of China before coming to live in the UK.

Since living in London Shifu Liu has studied with and subsequently become the disciple of 19th generation lineage heir of Chen style Taijiquan, Chen Xiaowang (a foremost Grandmaster of Chen Taijiquan in the world today). Shifu Liu has achieved a 6th Duan Wei grading from the Wushu Association of China, is 20th generation teacher of the Chen style taijiquan as well as being a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a specialist in Dian Xue Tui Na treatments, (acupuncture point and traditional Chinese medical massage).

Shifu Liu is the only authorised member on the council of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan Association teaching permanently in London, and director of the London Branch of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan School.

Shifu Liu’s trains students to very high levels and over the years they have achieved many gold and other medals in national competitions. Shifu Liu and his students regularly perform at public events and Shifu Liu has  judged at several national tai chi and martial arts competitions held in the UK by the BCCMA and the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

Christine Jones with a background in traditional yoga, first began to learn Shaolin gong fu and martial qi gong in 1998, before the study of Chen Taijiquan and Qi Gong with Liu Quanjun in 2002 when he came to London.  She continues to study with Liu Quanjun to the present day, and is grateful for everything that she has learnt from him that continues to inspire her own teaching.  In 2003 she was very fortunate to meet with Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang on his London visit and attended his workshops every year until 2015 when he stopped coming to the UK. In late 2004 she founded the Tai Ji Circle in London under the leadership of Liu Quanjun which became a charity in March 2013.  As well as teaching, she is the chair, managing director and trustee of Tai Ji Circle. In 2008 she achieved  Chinese Wushu Association 3rd Duan Wei in the Czech Republic under Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, and in 2016 received a 4th Duan Wei certificate from the Wushu Association of China in Northern Ireland.  Chris has a 2nd level Coaching and a Judging certificate from the BCCMA, She has also completed additional teacher training, including an NHS recognised course ‘Tai Chi for Rehabilitation and Falls Prevention’. Chris was extremely honoured to became a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang in Chenjiagou, China, in 2013.

Lai Marsh

Lai Marsh and Justin Schlosberg (were our first qualified TJC Chen Taijiquan teachers in December 2010), are great supporters of Tai Ji Circle as well as being long-term students and 2011 disciples of Shifu Liu. They have independently won gold and other medals in Chen Taijiquan at the Oxford and London Tai Chi Championships. Lai Marsh has been teaching with Tai Ji Circle since 2011, has the BCCMA coaching certification and received 4th Duan Wei Certification from the Chinese Wushu Association in 2016. She regularly performs in our display team. Lai and Justin also travelled with us to train at GM Chen Xiaowang’s 2013 seminar in Chenjiagou, China.

Matt Gourvish

Mathew Gourvish has been training with Tai Ji Circle since 2004, is a director and trustee of Tai Ji Circle and a 2016 disciple of Shifu Liu. He came with TJC on our first (2006) visit to train in Chenjiagou with Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing. He is a valued teacher, trustee and supporter who is on our team giving public performances.

Darrell Siebert

Darrell Siebert is a Tai Ji Circle teacher and  volunteer who has been training with us for over seven years and was an invaluable trustee for five years supporting our work. He is also in our display team. Darrell received his 3rd Level Duan Wei Certification from the Chinese Wushu Association in 2016.

Michael Rhodes

Michael Rhodes has been training with us for five years, is now our finance director, a valued trustee and supporter of Tai Ji Circle becoming a disciple of Shifu Liu in 2016. He also received his 3rd Level Duan Wei Certification from the Chinese Wushu Association in 2016 and is in our performance team.

Lai and Justin perform Chen Taijiquan before Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and the Zhengzhou Wushu Association in Chenjiagou in March 2013